Atoms are the building blocks of matter.
Atoms are spherical.
How to build a spherical house to protect from hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes

An innovative solution to building a spherical house. (dedicated to the people of Haiti and Kentucky).

The sphere has been scientifically acknowledged to be the best structural defense against Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Tornadoes.

But before we give you our secrets, you will have to listen to a litany of finely finished words fashioned and arrayed in a manner designed to articulate in you the desire to acquire.

At the end of that we will dangle real deals in your face, which you can, by means of a time locked discount, be able to buy at a ridiculously low price.


—Electrons are perfectly spherical
—The nucleus exerts equal force on each electron. The electrons arrange in a sphere so that they all remain equidistant from the nucleus.

My interest in spherical houses jumped from the aesthetic to the practical when I learned about its structural stability.  This I understand comes from the fact that a sphere distributes any stress it receives evenly throughout the whole surface.

The recent Haitian earthquake brought me back to the functional aspect of the process.  I knew how to build a sphere with ferro cement. 3D printers are also doing it.  But I wanted a process that someone with little resources could use to build a house for their family that was safe from Earthquakes.

The question for google was: how to divide up a sphere into equal units? An Astrophysicist had a site in which that question was answered. He used it as a grid to observe the universe. However, we seemed to speak different languages and I could not take out anything of value from his mathematical equations.

Now that I knew it was possible I decided to ask the help of a brilliant computer modeler, who could understand the math.

I had written the email, but had not sent it off, when on a Toronto Streetcar, the whole solution came up. It was so simple.

Valle de Bravo, Mexico